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Welcome.  Bienvenida. Dobro pozhalovatj.  Empfang. Benvenuto. Bruchim Habaim.  Mingalaba


What's NEW at the Research Institute?


The Research Institute was founded in 1984. 
Through its interdisciplinary groundbreaking studies on aging, 
the Institute brings a unique perspective to caregiversí quest 
for excellence. The work of the Research Institute results in 
discoveries that directly affect the practices of clinical and 
administrative professionals in the geriatric field as they seek
to raise the quality of life.

Institute staff continues to foster communication with other research
organizations, academies, and clinical settings,
ensuring that new discoveries and helpful knowledge
can be disseminated and utilized effectively.


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Research Institute on Aging
Hebrew Home of Greater Washington
6121 Montrose Road ∑ Rockville, MD 20852 ∑ U.S.A
E-mail: Libin@Hebrew-Home.org