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                 Research institute initiates new project
                            to improve toileting care

                                     October 2002


          The Hebrew Home's Research Institute on Aging is undertaking an exciting new project
  that will hopefully improve toileting care in the nursing home. With a grant from the Maryland
  Department of Aging, the Research Institute will test the utility of an innovative device known
  as a "wash and dry" toilet. The Luscence Luxury Lavage made by the INAX Corporation in
   Japan functions as a toilet, a bidet, and an air dryer all in one.

         This personal hygiene system is a modified seat that can be retrofitted to an existing toilet.
  It includes many features to augment the personal daily hygiene regimen by thoroughly cleansing
  sensitive body areas by using a warm spray of water and warm airflow, both with adjustable
  temperatures. It features two nozzles to clean both the rectal area and one for feminine
  cleansing. In addition, the nozzles clean themselves after each use, ensuring carefree,
  sanitary maintenance. After washing, the dryer's warm air thoroughly dries the posterior
  in about 20 seconds. This system also includes a heated seat which can be preset, so it
  won't need to be adjusted every time. All functions, with the exception of the heated seat,
  work only when the user is seated. So, there is no risk of being accidentally sprayed
  with water, even if a switch is touched. All functions are controlled through an easy
  to use, wireless remote control panel mounted on the wall next to the toilet.

         The Research Institute will be installing a few of these models in the Hebrew Home with
  the idea that this new device can increase resident privacy during toileting as well as
  reduce strain on caregivers. The sanitary nature of this product also has the potential
  to reduce medical problems such as urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and other skin
  irritations. As far as can be determined, this is the first time these new toilets will
  be used in a nursing home setting. However, the future of this new technology looks
  clean and bright!



          For more information about the "wash and dry" toilet or other research projects, you can
  call the Research Institute on Aging at 301-770-8449.


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